• Genre(s):
    • Wicca Rock
    • Alternative Rock
    • Gothic Rock
  • Origin: Toronto CANADA
  • Years active: 2007 ~ present
  • Label: Indie (Themis Music)
  • Website:

While most musical acts are still tightly compartmentalized by genre and race -- and only a few are able to break the mold, there exists in the world of religious music a new ground-breaking Canadian endeavour that comes right from the forests of Ontario, Canada.

Formed in late 2007, after a false start as a larger punk-rock project comprised of moonlighting members of other bands, Themis is a duo comprised of Ruffian Angel ( formerly of The Marmalade, principal song writer, guitarist and vocalist) and The Countess (drums, percussion, vocals.). (Members of the band take on Wiccan names and use them in everyday life.)

Lead singer and guitarist Ruffian Angel told WebRadio in 2007 that the band would be an all-ages effort, focussed on producing Wicca (Gothic) music that promoted their own original material extolling the beauty of nature and ecology - a Wicca approach.

Members of the band also operate a Band Camp and a "Safe House in the wlderness" and are active participants in their religious community.

According to Linda Mercer, editor of MMM Magazine and a solo Wicca artist herself, Themis is purely a Wiccan Rock band. (Her own music seems to have adopted the credo published by Themis.)

Themis uniquely combines classic rock elements with a progressive and decidedly gothic sound. The use of flange and compression in the music accompanied by some synthetic and percussion effects to simulate the sounds of nature, coupled with the classic rock and roll style push the band into some sort of Wicca influenced sub-genre of "alternative rock music" .

The songs are melodic and tell stories with Wicca themes, such as a profound love of nature, a reverence for all life, and the power of nature's omnipotent rule over man's mortal law. Lightning crashes and thunder booms; wind in the trees and the sound of burbling brooks find their way into Themis' Wiccan music.

Named after Themis, the Greek Titanness of nature's law and order, this two piece music ensemble has a spirit, a philosophy and a big sound. Their stage presence is voluminous and memorable with extravagant costumes and make up. (The band has a characteristic trademark set of lightning bolts painted on their faces.)

Themis delivers hauntingly beautiful melodies, vividly descriptive Wicca stories, and an entertaining live act. The songs carry through and meld with one another as in a rock opera, promulgating their message: "The beauty of this day is not lost on me...On this wooden log in the Forest of Life, I carve my flute with my hands and my knife for the Love of Life" as in their Web Music hit 'Love of Life'.


The band has released 5 tracks, the most notable being "Love of Life"

  • "Love of Life"
  • "Shattered"
  • "Your Angel"
  • "Demon Bites"
  • "Sleeping Angels"

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