Music Genre: Wicca Rock

The genre of Wicca rock is best described as music with classic rock
elements which entwines Wiccan themes with moving melodies.

The genre was first notably introduced with the Gothic Wicca rock band Themis from Toronto,
Canada (www.themismusic.com) when Themis launched into an aggressive set of tours
in Canada and the United States' East Coast.

At the same time on the West Coast of Canada, a band called Chalice and Blade
was making the rounds of Wiccan festivities and events.

Still a fairly new genre of music, it is catching on quickly in North America and in Europe.
With the public's growing awareness of the harmful effects of polluting and abusing the
environment, more and more people connect with the Wiccan message of
respecting the beauty and mystery of nature. Wiccans and non-Wiccans
alike can experience and appreciate Mother Nature's precious earth and
every drop of life each of us is given.

The Wiccan belief system can be summed up with the 'Wiccan Rede':
'An it harm none, do what ye will',
which essentially means to act freely, do what you will as long as nothing and no
one is hurt. A central tenet of Wicca is the 'Rule of Three': '

Ever mind the Rule of Three, three times what thou givest returns to thee,
this lesson well, thou must learn, thee only gets what thou dost earn.'

This tenet simply means that any good deed you do will be returned to you
threefold, conversely, every bad deed you do will be returned to you
threefold. It may be extended that whenever you are rewarded with good,
one is inclined to return good threefold.

The 'Rule of Three' can be likened to the Christian edict: 'Do unto others as
 you would have them do unto you', also known simply as 'The Golden Rule'.

Many Wiccans seek to possess the eight virtues laid out by Doreen Valiente
n her work Charge of the Goddess.  These virtues being, mirth, reverence, honour, humility,
strength, beauty, power and compassion.

Valiente organizes the eight virtues in complimentary opposing pairs,
reflecting the Wiccan dualism, which is found throughout much Wicca philosophy.
One example being the dualtheistic worship of The God and The Goddess,
which represents the  "embodiments of a life-force manifest in nature."

There are many traditions, rituals and practices of Wiccans, although they vary greatly
among the many individual covens. Furthermore, some Wiccans do not attend
to any of these practices and rituals and simply follow the Wiccan
nature-based philosophy.

Wicca Rock is a argued by some to be  sub genre of Gothic Rock which adopts the Wiccan
philosophy as a constant theme throughout the music.  That may not be realistic inasmuch
as Gothic Rock is very dark whereas Wicca Rock is full of bright, cheerful thoughts and advocacies.
But it's a new and emerging genre.

Wicca rock uses the Wiccan themes, such as nature, life, the 'Love of Life' and the good that is
inherent in all things to depict stories and concepts, with a positive